About Dobro Communications, LLC

dobro ( adj. )    good, beneficial
/// language of origin: Serbian ///

Dobro Communications, LLC is a small communications firm focused on providing seasoned counsel and flawless execution while helping clients get to the point. We help define the message, determine a strategy, establish a goal and achieve measurable results. We work across various sectors with clients of all sizes and in different geographic locations. Most important, a strong work ethic guides all we do.

Senior-level communications help Dobro applies years of experience across a variety of industries to ensure your company or organization gets the word out.

Acute attention to detail Meticulous management and a time-tested, pleasantly persistent approach ensure that no part of a communications plan is overlooked.

Efficient without the spin Communications shouldn't be complicated, and Dobro keeps it simple and effective.

Client collaboration Dobro works in partnership with clients to deliver hands-on service so that the strongest messages get to the people who matter most.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.